Yechi HaMelech

Yechi HaMelech sounds like a slogan, isn’t the Rebbe against slogans?

The announcement of Yechi is no different from the announcements of ad Mosai or Moshiach Now! or Daloi Golus (the end of Golus - in Russian) which the Rebbe himself endorsed. Why should this announcement of Yechi be looked upon differently and considered a slogan?

Even if - for whatever reason - one would like to describe these announcements as slogans, the premise that the Rebbe is against slogans is unfounded. According to the Rebbe, anything that brings positive results should be utilized to inspire and encourage people to do good, or to improve the good which they are currently doing.

In fact, the Rebbe himself made a point specifically to use the term “slogan”! In 5718 and 5719, the Rebbe presented the idea of U’faratzta. Lubavitch is identified with the words and the song, U’faratzta, Yama, VaKeidma, Tzafona, Vanegba. The Rebbe himself referred to these words as a slogan in a number of places. Two examples are in Igros Kodesh. One is from Adar Sheini, 5719, letter number 6,768. In that letter, the Rebbe writes, “I am sure you are increasing according to the slogan of this year, U’faratzta Yama, VaKeidma, Tzafona, Vanegba.

In the same Sefer from the third of Iyar, 5719, letter number 6,836, the Rebbe writes, “the slogan of this year is נחלה בלי מצרים and U’faratzta, Yama, VaKeidma, Tzafona, Vanegba. Premise that the Rebbe is against slogans is unfounded. On the contrary, unique phrases that only the Rebbe used are very precious to Chassidim. If it is in fact the Rebbe’s חידוש to use the term “slogan”, that makes it more precious, as explained in the famous Sicha regarding the phrase כיון דנפיק מפומי' דרב כהנא (Likkutei Sichos, vol. 22, p. 31).

So, if it were true that Yechi HaMelech became a slogan, it is not an embarrassment, it is our pride and inspiration!

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