Yechi HaMelech

Why say Yechi three times? One time is enough!

When Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu VeRabbeinu was said at the end of every children’s rally in the Rebbe’s presence, it was said three times. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why one would have a problem with saying it three times if the Rebbe himself endorsed it already. Furthermore, it is absurd to consider reducing the amount of times it is said simply because we add the words Melech HaMoshiach! In addition to the above, repeating something three times is a common practice for Yidden in general, and especially for us. So many phrases in davening are repeated three times. We say Dovid Melech Yisroel Chai V’Kayam three times at Kiddush Levana when we bless the new moon. We say קול מבשר מבשר ואומר three times. And we say חזק חזק ונתחזק three times in Shul upon completing a Sefer of the Torah. Many will remember when the Rebbe told Chassidim to shout three times: Tzemach, Tzemach, Tzemach to bring Moshiach by calling his name, The Rebbe would say the Posuk U’faratzta during Ata Haraisa and the Posuk Hoshia Es Amecha three times. And there are many other examples of expressions we say specifically three times.

The Rebbe himself explained on many occasions that three is the idea of Chazaka, and when something is repeated three times, it expresses and gives strength and permanence to the phrase or Posuk.

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