Yechi HaMelech

If it’s all so simple, how can there be people who don’t say Yechi HaMelech?

This is like the question asked that if Yiddishkeit is so beautiful, how do so many millions of people have a negative attitude towards it? If Chabad Chassidus is so beautiful, how could so many people have a negative attitude towards Chabad? The answer is “lack of knowledge” or “distorted information.” There was once a Shul that advertised for Torah classes by putting up a sign which said “Let My People Know!”

When the Mitteler Rebbe first became Rebbe, the committee of Misnagdim committed to fight Chassidim thought the Mitteler Rebbe was not as dynamic as his father and it would therefore be the perfect time to launch an aggressive campaign to crush the Chassidim and the Chassidic movement. The Mitteler Rebbe, well aware of this, gave strict orders to his Chassidim. One order was not to engage in arguments with the Misnagdim the other was that any Chassid traveling from Lubavitch must publicly review the Chassidus he heard in Lubavitch wherever he goes, thus exposing thousands of people to Chassidus. The result was not only that the Misnagedim did not succeed in weakening the Chassidim, but 15,000 Misnagdim became Chassidim that year!

Therefore, it is our responsibility to publicize the Sichos as much as possible. As the Rebbe said right from the start: the straightest and clearest way to bring Moshiach is by learning about Moshiach -learning all the sources and learning Likkutei Sichos of Nasi Doreinu (Sefer HaSichos 5751, vol. 2, p. 501). When one learns the Sichos of the Rebbe on this subject, it not only answers all of the questions, but makes it clear that the questions don’t even begin to exist.

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