Yechi HaMelech

Aren’t those who say Yechi after Gimmel Tammuz implying that nothing happened, and therefore they continue saying Yechi HaMelech now just like before?

This question can only make sense to someone who did not read the Sicha inside. The Sicha of Beis Nissan, as mentioned earlier (see answer 1), states that saying the words Yechi HaMelech accomplishes the following: 1) it brings about the coronation of the king which empowers him with Malchus, i.e., the coronation of Melech HaMoshiach, 2) it gives life to the king, 3) it brings about הקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר - Techiyas Hamaisim of the Previous Rebbe, 4) it brings the הקיצו ורננו of Dovid Malka Meshicha the awakening of Melech HaMoshiach., and 5) it brings the coming of Moshiach.

So how could one even think the announcement of Yechi HaMelech denies that something transpired on Gimmel Tammuz when the Rebbe says clearly that Yechi HaMelech should be announced in order to accomplish all of the above?!

Although Gimmel Tammuz did not bring an interruption in the Rebbe’s life, Chas VeShalom, there is a concealment to our eyes of flesh. And for this reason, we say Yechi bearing in mind the points mentioned above - to eliminate all concealment.

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